EMCS Caribbean
EMCS Caribbean

Engineering management and construction services Caribbean: (EMCs) is a client orientated company within the construction industry which focuses on the key elements that are important to the success of any project.

Our experience when discussing projects in the Caribbean with new clients tell us that generally a client’s confidence with construction managers, project managers, contractors and other employed services outside the realm of their typical understanding, is not always clear. In many instances it is the bemused client who is left with the bill and little or no understanding as to how and why the end product failed to meet the original parameters agreed at the beginning of the project.

Here at EMCs Caribbean we look to provide the missing link between many project managers / construction managers and the contractors on site, all the while communicating with the client and looking to provide an honest summary of cost and objectives. 

Providing the correct experienced field personnel that maintain the interests of the management, contractor's and the client is the key. This  provides a direct link between management and the construction team, which is extremely important in delivering a successful project.

EMCs Caribbean feel it is important that the client be educated of the building process as the project progresses, a direct link between the client and the construction team is a role that EMCs provide. 

Clients benefit from hiring skilled personnel as extension staff , to help deliver that final product we at  EMCs Caribbean are fully conversant in achieving.

EMCs Caribbean has a range of personnel available, ranging from engineers / builders / construction managers / estimators / quantity surveyors / project managers. All of whom have a wealth of construction knowledge particulary around the Caribbean, on various projects ranging from luxury villas, hotels, embassy’s, roads and infrastructure, power plants, water treatment, airports, high rise buildings and many more.

EMCs Caribbean has a wide range of both local and overseas architects / designers and specialist contractors. This knowledge base allows EMCs Caribbean to guide the client along the correct path, by choosing the right people for the right job, who we then manage directly to deliver the final product.

Currently EMCs Caribbean have employees acting as consultant project managers on a resort development with high end villa units within the British Virgin Islands along with commercial and residential properties in Barbados.
EMCS Caribbean