emcs – What We Do

Project Inception Report

emcs partner intrinsically with the design team through the design and planning phase to ensure that all parameters of the project are clearly defined, understood and adhered to giving clients comfort and peace of mind from the outset.

Design Review

Upon completion of the construction documents, emcs strategically review all drawings and specifications with any inefficiencies or irregularities reported to the client before this documentation is submitted to local planning authorities for building approval.

Cost Planning, Budgeting & Value Engineering

emcs can undertake vital cost analysis on the client’s behalf and budgets are meticulously prepared based on the agreed scope of works.

Upon evaluation of the budget, emcs undertakes a ‘value engineering’ exercise where alternate material selections, construction methodologies and project scheduling are adjusted to manage the ultimate cost of the project, without compromising on quality and service delivery.

Construction Development

Performing in the capacity of main building contractor or management contractor, emcs‘ subcontractors and suppliers are selected and awarded contracts through our highly refined, inhouse tendering process. emcs partners with not only the leading companies in their respective industries, but just as importantly, the most competent and suitable companies for a specific project. Through this approach, emcproactively manages agreed costs and avoids unforeseen claims throughout the project lifecycle.

Materials Procurement

emcs source only the very finest quality materials at the most efficient price points to preserve the original design and add value for the client. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable logistics team will ensure carefree delivery to site in a safe and timely manner, every time.

The Building Process

emcs methodically directs and co-ordinates the entire building process on-site with senior project management accessible and visible at all times to guarantee that all design standards, timelines and budgets are met or improved.

Commissioning & Handover

emcs commits to deliver each project only when all internal finalisation checklists and procedures have been achieved to the highest standard. This includes, but is not limited to, thoroughly commissioning and testing every installation to ensure a ‘move-in ready’ Caribbean dream home is proudly presented to the client at handover.