Erick Rustom

Erick, a confident and imaginative Mechanical Engineer, utilizes his fourteen years of knowledge and capabilities to excel in any Mechanical Engineering role. His skills contribute to the success of EMCS projects as he continuously widens and enhances his expertise. With extensive experience across various projects, Erick demonstrates a commercial approach to problem-solving and a proven ability to generate innovative solutions.

A confident, competitive, and imaginative Mechanical Engineer with extensive experience working on a mixture of projects, Erick has an excellent commercial approach to solving problems and a proven ability to generate fresh solutions.

Erick uses his in-depth knowledge of the latest design trends and engineering software to collaborate with our design and production teams ensuring successful project delivery.

With extensive experience in mechanical design, Erick uses AutoCAD, MEPFS Revit, Navisworks, and Microsoft Office applications to assist with construction drawings, calibrate models based on recent developments, develop plans, sections, elevations, and details ensuring all project requirements are met.